Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm Comfortable Whether I'm On The Top Or The Bottom 8-)

Looking over Pay Per Post opportunities tonight, I ran across a website featuring loft beds. My thoughts immediately went back to the times I lived in the fraternity house at UPM.

The first semester I transferred to UPM I got the last spot in the house. TheHammer was none too happy; he thought he was going to have a room to himself. It didn't get any better when I came in with a bong. A new headshop had opened in town and they were offering a discount with a student ID! What worked well for us was that TheHammer drank {to excesss}. And I was able to hook up a small light so I could smoke in bed at night without bothering him. I mean I could read at know, to study for class. 8-)

The second time I lived in the house things took an interesting turn. We had a party every Monday night. My roomate, TheChief, and I met roommates the first week who lived in a coed dorm. By the time September had come and gone he was living in the dorm and TheItalianGoddess was living in the house. It worked out especially well because we took out the bottom bunk, slept on top where we had more privacy and used the space underneath for storage.

Needless to say, none of the beds in the house looked like this one featured in the website...


Anonymous said...

Sneaky, you have posts underneath the caption contest. I think the bottom, being bigger and all would be the most popular

Mother of Invention said...

Yes, and you won't bang your head on the top bunk!
I didn't know all these posts were here either!