Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stay Tuned For...

I do a lot of channel surfing. Surprise! How unusual for a man, I know. 8-) I hate embodying stereotypes.

TheSpecialOne has never been big on reruns. I, on the other hand don't have a problem with it. Just this past summer I started watching The Chappelle Show. I have now watched all three seasons often enough that there are sketches I recognize. There are ones where I'll stop working and go out to the living room to watch. {My office is off the living room so I listen to the tv while working}

29 programs I would be sure to include on the schedule if I were programming an "oldies" tv network...

(<->) Saturday Night Live, 1975 through the 1978-79 season
(<->) M*A*S*H
(<->) Barney Miller
(<->) All In The Family
(<->) The Bob Newhart Show
(<->) Newhart
(<->) St. Elsewhere
(<->) Hill Street Blues
(<->) Seinfeld
(<->) Taxi
(<->) Cheers
(<->) The Twilight Zone
(<->) The Dick Van Dyke Show
(<->) Frasier
(<->) Columbo
(<->) Northern Exposure
(<->) Dragnet
(<->) Star Trek
(<->) China Beach
(<->) Moonlighting
(<->) The Big Valley
(<->) Hawaii Five-O
(<->) L.A. Law
(<->) Soap
(<->) The Odd Couple
(<->) Fernwood 2Nite
(<->) The F.B.I.
(<->) The Dean Martin Show
(<->) Home Run Derby {1959}


Anonymous said...

I chuckled when I saw China Beach in your list. Somewhere in the house, tucked away, is a set of homemade videos of the last season. We faithfully taped them all, and have never watched them!! People do strange things sometimes, don't they.

Here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas!!

bulletholes said...

i would have to suggest 'Have Gun Will Travel" and "I Led 3 Lives"...

Anonymous said...

Do you remember a late night soap in the 70's called 'All that Glitters'?

Anonymous said...

Mash, Bob Newhart, Cheers, Twilight Zone, Frasier, Columbo, Dragnet, Star Trek, Moonlighting (actually have a copy of the film :-) ) - these are all the ones I both recognise and would happily watch!!!