Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What Night Are You Available?

Long before the term wingman was coined, my friend Master Baiter - who you may know is a championship fisherman in Canada - was hitting the bars with me. You can't do better when you're out on the town to meet interesting women than to be with a guy who's an Attorney {and a Psychiatrist!}.

I suspect "hitting the bars" will always be part of the mating ritual. What's changed over the past decade is the growth of online dating. What once was a novelty is now firmly planted in the mainstream.

Looking through Pay Per Post opportunities tonight, I found an interesting online dating website. There is no cost to use any of the tools provided on the site. They have a WINGMAN tool for setting up double and group dates! Another feature I like is called DATE NOW that allows you to arrange for dates on specific nights and enables you to select specific activities.

If I weren't involved with TheSpecialOne... 8-)

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bulletholes said...

In letters home from West Point my brother (class of 64) refers to the dating pool they had back then. two of th terms that i have always wondered about were "I dragged "D" tonite and was in early" and "Dragged "Pro" tonite, it was a good time"....