Wednesday, December 20, 2006

TheSpecialOne And Pay Per Post

For about two weeks now I have been experimenting with writing for Pay Per Post. I have been alternating my "normal" posts - if they can be characterized as "normal" 8-) - with those from Pay Per Post; sometimes once and sometimes twice a day.

TheSpecialOne has been supportive of my blogging since I started. At times, tolerant maybe a more accurate term. In any case, she has taken a special interest in Pay Per Post.

Two summers ago, I suggested that we should start dropping our spare change in a jar. Prior to that, I never knew where my change would wind up at the end of the day. And she was never short of change in her purse. She didn't think much of the idea, but she went along.

As it turned out, we have spent a number of weekends away paying for our hotel room with change from the jar. I have a friend who has a vending machine company who counts and rolls it for me.

Writing Pay Per Post ads seem to normally pay about $4 to $10. She knows how much I enjoy photography; it's really a good creative outlet for me and relieves stress as well. So, if blogging will buy me a new camera she would like to see that happen. And if we can travel somewhere together for me to shoot, all the better. She has regularly been looking at the opportunities available and suggesting ones I might write. That is where much of my content comes from, you may notice.

Another reason, as I previously explained, that I want to earn money from blogging is to get a new computer for blogging. I'm still recovering from my computer going down when I had to call out The Geek Squad only to find my IT guy had run off with my system CD's so Windows could not be reinstalled. {I will be finishing that and the other To Be Continued posts soon}

I value those of you who come to read The Gonzo Papers and offer your comments. I would appreciate you continuing to visit, read "my" posts as well as the sponsored ones and share your thoughts. I'm curious what you think of the advertising posts I'm writing.

When I joined the Robber Barons Corporation in the Blog Shares game I wrote the slogan "Opportunities Knock; Know When To Answer". This is an opportunity, at this time, that I must pursue. Your continued support would be appreciated.

Opening my art gallery has been pushed back about a week; it will be opening after Christmas. When I start selling photographs, lithographs and renderings I will revisit what to do in terms of blog advertising. It is, I must say, an interesting creative challenge to me.



bulletholes said...

Well Roy, since you ask... I wouldn't think too much about it if I did'nt already like you... but since I do I guess I'll just have to suffer through your ads while the money rolls in for you!!!
Good Luck and Merry Christmas!!!

jbwritergirl said...

Hey there,

Finding ways to make money blogging seems like an endless chore. Hope it pays off and you make a killing.

I too am looking at making it pay off but in a different way. I will be updating soon to a new format (hopefully) in the new year. Should be interesting.

Take care,
Happy whatever,

Anonymous said...

I've always liked your photos - I should think you'll be successful with a gallery!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy man!

Anonymous said...

I think I said what i thought about the ads before?

Personally, I like your 'own' posts, photos and lithographs - I hope your gallery opening goes well- Good Luck with it! You deserve success on that front!

I've noticed there's been a big drop in comments since you started the ads? Or is it my imagination... It might simply be the time of year....

Well, if it works for you, Kilroy, it's your blog, and you should do what you feel happiest with it. I'll still stop by when I can... I'll probably skip the advertising posts, but I'll sift through and find your other posts in between!

(Hope you don't mind... it's just I'm not keen on advertising anyhow. I know it exists, but I would rather choose when to find a product/ company when I need it....)