Friday, December 22, 2006

You Don't Get a Cadillac When You Pay For A Yugo

I found it interesting that Pay Per Post had an opportunity to write an ad for a Search Engine Marketing company. One of the challenges I've had is that I never had the time to do the things necessary to achieve "page rank"; that is a requirement to write posts for some of the advertisers.

I, along with a few of my associates, have a need for the services offered by I will definitely be exploring what they have to offer.

What really impressed me when I reviewed the offer provided by was the information about the philosophy of the company.

In my experience working with clients on Search Engine Optimization projects, the client does not understand the process. What they frequently fail to realize is that while there may not be an immediate benefit, SEO done right will yield long term results.

I chose the Pay Per Post opportunity to write about because I think they "get it". Companies that tell you they will have your website at the top of the chart in a few months are likely to be more interested in your checkbook than the performance of your website.

I have Page Rank as one of my priority needs, and a note to contact to look into their services...for my clients, my associates and ME!

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