Thursday, January 11, 2007

A 360 Degree View Of Employee Performance - A Sponsored Post

I love the Pay Per Post ads that allow me to earn cash by blogging while finding products, services or promotional channels for my clients! The latest, and maybe greatest, is 360 appraisal provides continuous improvement.

This is a definite step up from from the hassle of traditional annual reviews. provides the ability to obtain the most accurate picture of personnel performance. And it eliminates the burden from resting solely on the shoulders of "the boss". That sounds like a winning formula for companies. As for employees it could be a challenge; they will actually have to maximize the quality of their job performance.

What I like most about this product is it takes into consideration input from supervisors, peers and subordinates. Sometimes even customers - or clients if you may - can participate in the review. This is sounding better all the time.

I'd love to have some of the companies I do business with contact me to participate in performance evaluations. That could truly add bad craziness to the mix!

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