Thursday, January 11, 2007

Posting A Gonzo! Post About Pay Per Post Posting

Writing ads for Pay Per Post is an interesting endeavor.

You never know when you log in whether there will be any new listings, referred to as opportunities, and if there are whether all the spots provided by the advertiser have been taken.

You are able to write two posts {Ever wonder what 50 words looks like? posts was 50 words, I think} per day for Pay Per Post advertisers and must never have two sequential posts for which you are being compensated. Pay Per Posts Terms of Service do not allow for "placeholder" posts; meaning that you can not {and not could be 100 words if you count the words inside the previous brackets. But that would require counting 50 as a word. Should it be fifty to be a "word"?} plug something in while you go back to try and grab another opportunity before they disappear.

This all {Again, if you count 50 as a "word" that makes all word number 150. If not then you need to count over additional words because there have been previous numbers that were counted as words because they weren't written as words. Are you following this logic?} seems reasonable and {If I'm counting correctly, and numbers are "words" when they are "numbers" that would make and word number 200 in this post} fair in theory. Where it become a problem is that you do not know how many spots there are for advertisers nor how many are remaining when you click on the opportunity which interests you.

You know what the ad is about, what the advertiser will pay, how many words you will be required to write and whether there is an image required. You have no idea until you have opened the page, though, what the details of the order are {are could be word number 300 in this post; what do you think?} in terms of what the advertiser requires. You may have to have a certain Page Rank. You may have to insert a transparent graphic that the advertiser uses for tracking.

As you are reviewing the specifications of the given opportunity, people are logging in hungry for an ad that will work for them.

There are posts which require very specific content. Others say, write whatever you want. In any case, when your ad is reviewed there is flexibility of what will pass muster with one Pay Per Post agent versus what will be rejected by another.

While the advertiser may reflect that they want you to say "this", it can be unacceptable to quote "this". The content of the ad must be your own words. That can at times present a real challenge. Especially when the advertiser says they want to see "this" in the ad. But you are not able to use the "this" words in order to say "this". So you say that and the other to get around to this.

So there you have it; a brief - albeit Gonzo! - overview of some of the challenges involved in writing ads for Pay Per Post advertisers.

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