Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blog Village Goes Gonzo! Our Next Carnival

I'm teaming with Dirty Butter to sponsor the next Gonzo Blog Carnival.

Blog Village will be hosting the carnival...

A Blog Village Goes Gonzo!
"Family" Blog Carnival

If you are listed with BlogVillage or are linked to a Blog Village member site, you are invited to join in. I hope that there will be a good turnout of the sites linked with The Gonzo Papers.

You can register for the carnival through Thursday, January 25th at 11:59 pm. The sooner you get your submission in, the better job we'll be able to do presenting the carnival. Yes, that means start submitting NOW! 8-) Seriously.

The carnival post will appear in the Blog Village Community News on January 26th.

Here's what you need to know to Submit An Entry:

1. Pick out a post dealing with family. It doesn't necessarily have to be about your family; that should give you plenty of flexibility.
2. Send the URL for that post along with the post's title to: Kilroy60@gmail.com
3. It would be helpful if you write a post comment that includes a link to your blog; although that is not required.

The Rules:

1. One entry per blogger.
2. Again, any blog wishing to participate must either be a member of Blog Village or be linked with a member site. If you are not a member, please provide the name of the blog to to which you are linked.
3. Only English language posts will be accepted.
4. No posts with titles or pictures, containing profanity or of a sexual nature will be accepted.

Feel free to write comments if you have questions or comments. I'll follow-up on all comments.

Please note: if you are linked to more than one Blog Village member, please indicate with which blog you want to be grouped in the carnival.

We'd appreciate you displaying our banner to promote the carnival. Please link to this post.


Anonymous said...

Sent you my link via email for the post I want entered in to the carnival. I hope that it is among several that you have already received.

Anonymous said...

This will be fun! I am so glad to see folks promoting family above all the other trash on the web.

Unknown said...

Interesting! I will have to dig through my blog!

Anonymous said...

I will give this a try. I'm not a member but I am linked to: http://ssipd.blogspot.com/ She Says It's Pretty Dumb
Here is my link that I will also e-mail to you.

Anonymous said...

here's the link to my "family" post;
I shall be pleased if you drop by and leave a comment.

Anonymous said...

I will also give this a try. My link to the carnival is at http://irhaven.blogspot.com and my entry is at http://irhaven.blogspot.com/2005/06/awwwwwww-moment-last-night-i-was.html

Anonymous said...

Sent my link to you via email hope you got it and consider it.

Joe http://living-with-alzheimers.blogspot.com/
Entry for 12/14/06 About are parents, etc.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking my selection. My link is:http://altjirangamitjina.blogspot.com/2006/12/thursday-thirteen-8-christmas-pictures.html


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Here is my entry:


The title is Thirteen Reasons Why I Wish You Could Have Known My Father

Anonymous said...

Hello again Kilroy

Forgot to mention the link to my blog is:-


Many thanks.


Anonymous said...

I sent you a link to the post I wish to use for the carnival. Per you request, here's a comment ;)

LJP said...

I sent you a link via email to my family post for the carnival. Hope received it ok.

Here it is again:


Anonymous said...

I sent a link to the post I wanted in the Carnival, but forgot to post a comment here. Sorry.

My blog is Least Significant Bits, and the post I submitted is entitled Starting School.