Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wirefly's Best-Selling Cellphones - A Sponsored Post

I'm not sure exactly how people get through life these days without a cellphone.

If you have looked for a public pay phone any time in the last five years I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. That's why this Pay Per Post listing from emediawire.com on most popular cell phones caught my eye.

You see, until last year, I was one of those people who wasn't carrying a cellphone. As the number of telephone companies have decreased, public pay phones have become increasingly rare. I'm actually in the market now for a new phone; so this announcement by Wirefly comes at a perfect time.

What makes this especially useful is that Wirefly is a leader when it comes to online one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones and wireless phone plans. I strongly encourage clients to accept expert advice; their success depends on it. I always try to take that same course when possible.

A year ago Wirefly predicted 5 Trends That Would Become More Popular in 2006. Looking over the results, it would be difficult to have come any closer to a perfect bull's eye.

OK, so I know you want to see what the 10 best selling cellphone are. Motorola's phones, with their slim styling, have been growing in popularity month after month. They are, you might say, become an icon. So, it will come as no surprise that the RAZR tops the list. In fact, Motorola capture the top three spots!

Here's a rundown of the top ten...

1. Cingular RAZR by Motorola (in various colors)

2. T-Mobile RAZR (in various colors)

3. Verizon Wireless RAZR (in various colors)

4. Cingular Sony Ericsson z520a/z525a video phones

5. T-Mobile Motorola v360

6. Verizon Wireless Motorola v276

7. Sprint Nextel Motorola i850

8. Sprint Nextel Motorola i710

9. Cingular Motorola v220

10. T-Mobile Samsung T309

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