Sunday, January 07, 2007

Comment Moderation And Updated On "1,000 Comments"

I've been told - before I started writing Pay Per Post ads - that more people don't write comments because I use Comment Moderator.

The problem is not that I am concerned about people writing comments that disagree with what I say or how I do things. I don't have a problem publishing other viewpoints; in fact it's more interesting and, I think, beneficial for all when people are able to express what they think.

What is a problem is the horseshit people try to post in comments. Even when they know Comment Moderator is in place; as though I don't look at the comments before publishing. I just received this one.

As you will note, I deleted their URL and "adjusted" it; to have published it would have accomplished their mission. Everything else about this comment is exactly as it was written.

Example of comments that will not be published:

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This is a good spot to mention
my writing of 1,000 comments
"230 of 1,000"
58 days {as of 6 January)
Received {amazingly!} 229 over this period.
Unfortunately, while I'm getting more
visitors consistently, commenting is down.


Anonymous said...

I don't get much comment blog, but before I turned off Trackbacks I was getting a lot of "sex with animals" types that would just have a whole page of obscenities when you opened it. I marveled at the kind of mind that could put together something like that and spend the time to send it out. Amazing!!

Your carnival looks intriguing...

Mother of Invention said...

How many comments do you make on blogs per day ?(approx) As usual, you have a high bar achievement level but I'm sure you'll do it!
I hate Word Verif. but most people have it so understand why.

Anonymous said...

I don't use moderation or verification on my blogs, as the amount of Spam I get is manageable with the Delete button. Although I don't like it, I understand why some do, so I put up with it, just so I can comment!