Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do You Know A Good DUI Attorney? - A Sponsored Post

The most recent Pay Per Post opportunity is of special interest to me. It's interesting the email I get whether people write comments or not. That led me to choose this ad for a San Diego DUI Attorney.

I get a question every now and again, via email although for some reason never in comments, as to whether I drive when I'm Under The Influence. The politically correct answer I suppose is that I never have. In truth I have, but have never been caught.

We all do things when we're young{er} I would guess that we regret later. It's been years since I've driven after drinking...or other things. The amazing thing is the number times I drove after partaking more than I should have when I had no problems. Yet the worst car wreck of my life came not from anything related to alcohol or drugs; it was from not sleeping for too long due to overwork. I fell asleep while driving!

There are, without question, people who get hauled into court for DUI who should never be there. Especially when you have drunks who drive and get tickets and drive and get tickets and drive and get tickets and drive... Then they kill someone; which at times still doesn't get them from the wheel. Yes, this was definitely an interesting "ad" for me to write.

Thinking about that makes me think it would be a good time to go and, as Neil Young sings, roll another number for the road. 8-)

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1 comment:

honkeie said...

I can realate to the 'sleeping and driving'
All of my almost hits were becasue of lack of sleep and not booze or drugs.
And yes I have do it in the past.....