Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Hawaiian Dream Vacation - A Sponsored Post

Being paid to write about hawaii beach front vacation rentals, what could be better? Having the company send me to Hawaii for a weekend to tell you exactly what the experience is like? Yes, that would be better.

They were kind enough to provide this promotional photograph...

Can't you feel the sun, can't you hear the surf? Well, no, I can't either. I think they should really send me that plane ticket so I can tell you exactly what the experience is like.

In order to accurately describe the experience, we would have to do it as anyone would booking their trip through - which means I wold get to take three people with me. Or as many as nine. We would stay in a luxurious beach front home on Oahu, Maui, Kauai or, the Big Island, Hawaii

Yes, I would definitely take TheSpecialOne because we would have more privacy, lounge in the lap of luxury and not have to fight the crowds that one normally deals with in Hawaii.

For Your Success is about being the best person possible. What better than to save money while you enjoy a great vacation?!? It re-energizes your battery for work, enlivens your spirit and strengthens your relationships.

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honkeie said...

Yes please write about something you have no first hand information on..... We want an ad on how the service was at a resturant you have never been to, then write about how good the food was.