Sunday, January 14, 2007

'Aints They 'Aint!

Does anyone remember when New Orleans fans were wearing bags over the heads so people didn't see them at the Saints games? Somehow I think film of the 'Aints will be resurfacing after tonight's NFL Divisional Playoffs.

Last year there were Evangelists talking about how God punished the United States for bad behavior with killer weather. And New Orleans, the heart of bad behavior, got hit worst of all. There was talk about whether the city should be flushed away; move everyone out and let the levees go.

Meanwhile all the Saints home games were on the road because the Superdome was trashed. New Orleans seemed to become everyone's second favorite team by default. Be A Saint teeshirts were sold as a fund raiser for Katrina victims.

Now, after a history of being patsies that could be counted as wins by everyone before the season started, the New Orleans Saints are headed to the NFC Championship game! I'll have to keep an ear out to see if any Evangelists are calling this a miracle.

There couldn't be anything better than a New Orleans and San Diego in Super Bowl XLI. Two cities that have hosted so many games finally getting to play in one. It would, of course, be a blessing to see the Saints hoisting the Lombardi trophy come February.

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