Saturday, January 13, 2007

Here A Fish... There A Fish... Everywhere A Fish Fish

Online dating is all the rage. The key, of course, is akin to fishing - having the right bait - or to carpentry - having the right tool - to get the results you want.

Which brings us to a website with reviews on online dating sites.

Why would a site be of value that reviews the performance of dating sites? The site references that 20 million people, in the United States alone, use an online dating service.

One of the great things about this site {reviews on online dating sites} is that the reviews are written by people sharing their experience. Not some company schill. By checking out the true to live experiences have had, it allows you to find the service that suits your needs.

I wonder, if there wasn't the TheSpecialOne...or TheReadhead, hmmmm. I wonder what people are saying about these sites. It might be a good time for a bit of "online shopping".

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