Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Did It!

I held out during Beta testing. Time and time again I've passed up the option to switch. Now, I've come to the point that I had enough!

If you've been on Blogger for any period of time - be thankful if you're new - you're all too familiar with the anticipation of waiting for your post to publish while the whirlygig spun round and round. And, likely, the aggravation of having something go wrong.

I lost the original version of Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere in some inescapable archive hell! The last bout I had with Blogger not publishing due to some error not being able to recognize the file, followed by another error during publishing was the last straw.

If I'm going to continue with the project, I really only had one option. So, I did it. I switched over to the "new" Blogger!

I'm sure going back to the beginning and adding tags will not be nearly as tedious as copying and pasting posts from the old blogspot to the new. I even set the date and time when I did those to correspond with the original posts.

I never have yet been able to make the time to copy over the comments. I'm not sure if I ever will be able to put forth that effort. It's something I want to do, though, because I value the interest people have shown to write comments. Maybe I'll work on that as part of this update.

In any case, you'll be seeing the new features being implemented as we progress. Surely not all at once. But, alittle here and alittle there. It should be an interesting process.


JoeBlogs said...

I switched recently. I was apprehensive, but changing the layout is easier now, and all posts were kept.

RomanceWriter said...

I am holding out on switching my writing blog.

But, beileve it or not, blogger tricked me into switching my poetry blog. I was halfway through logging in when I realized I must have hit something wrong, saying to switch it. I just gave in and went ahead with it.

It seems to be okay so far.

Marion said...

It's the template I'm worried about switching to...I am already switched to Beta, or whatever they're calling it now!

So I've been playing with a test blog that has nothing on it, and that's kind of fun and gives me some knowledge of what I can do, without losing anything!

Congratulations on the successful Carnival!

RUTH said...

Good luck with Beta. Just popped in to say how much I've enjoyed the Carnival

Tea said...

Welcome to Beta. It took me a long time before I was brave enough to switch. All went well except for a few missing links.
I finally found my blog at Blog Village :) Off to link up with you...