Friday, January 26, 2007

Wanted: Men And Women Interested in Marrying Millionaires

OK ladies and gentleman, I have a proposition for you.

How would you like to log into Dating Millionaires and see who is looking for you?

Yes, you read correctly. There is a dating site for millionaires to meet eligible singles. You know before I wrote the rest of this Pay Per Post ad that I had to log in to get details for you.

Before you log in, it's important for you to understand something. This isn't just any dating site for millionaires. It's The Premier Millionaire Dating Community.

It's good to know, before I register, that there are thousands of single millionaires exploring potential relationships. The have a great feature too; you can set up your mail so that millionaires you don't want to hear from won't be bothering you. I can only believe on this point you're like me; who wants a millionaire who won't take no for an answer?!?

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1 comment:

Becky said...

That's so creepy! I wonder how many millionares are really on there.