Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I Violate FAA Altitude Regulations Without Ever Leaving My Chair

I never think a whole lot about Star Trek. Yet it seems the show has been on television for as long as I can remember. Certainly close to it.

Two of what I would characterize as my favorite episodes deal with the crew encountering planets that have Earth-like situations.

One, that I watched last night, has an Ambassador from The Federation who went to a planet and put in place a society modeled after Nazi Germany. When confronted by Kirk and Spock the Furherer explained that he made this choice because their civilization was fragmented; Nazi Germany was the most efficient culture the Earth had ever seen.

The other has Kirk and his gang beam down to a planet where they find themselves in what appears to be Chicago of The Roaring 20's. They have it all as I remember, gangsters, machine guns, dames and speakeasys. What they eventually find is that the society was contaminated when visitors left a book about the era. When the people had any question about how to handle any situation they referred to "the big book".

That will have to be all for now; it's time for M*A*S*H

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honkeie said...

Imagine if they left the book 'World Domination for Dummies' instead of that book lol.