Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You! - John Lennon

Being an explorer and a spiritualist, I love ImproveYourKarma.com

It must be good karma not only for this opportunity to be listed by Pay Per Post, but for all the slots not to have been taken before I saw it!

I've never been a follower, but I'm sure I would be comfortable hanging out with Sven Goodsson; aka the world's most enthusiastic person about Karma

The tagline for ImproveYourKarma.com is a classic, Let's Get Metaphysical! There are tools on the site to Monitor Karma, Analyze Karma, Equalize Karma and Spread The Love.

The good karma associated with this website truly comes from it's promotion of Motorola's RED phones that are tied to the RED charity founded by Bono of U2. I'd provide a link here, but you should go and check out ImproveYourKarma.com, it will be good for you. 8-)

Post sponsored by: ImproveYourKarma.com

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