Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Post Number 200... Life Is A Blog Carnival!

Blogs listed for active trading on the BlogShares Fantasy Blog Stock Market have been invited to a Blog Carnival on January 15th, hosted by For Your Success. Even with fictional dollars, selling stock in your blog is The Ultimate Gonzo Blogventure!

This will be the first carnival for The Gonzo Papers; I would appreciate you going to check out the carnival on January 15th. For Your Success will be exhibiting all the carnival submissions in a single post!!

The carnival's theme is "a post that describes you or your blog". I will be submitting my Wears Sunglasses At Night post.

The carnival host has provided these details regarding The Gonzo B$ Carnival.

If you would be so kind to help promote the event, we have a promotional banner. 8-D

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Anonymous said...

This sounds intriguing, however I have quite a bit on my plate right now. Thanks for the invite.