Monday, January 15, 2007

My Blog Shares Portfolio - A Special Edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide

I've picked up some interesting stocks playing Blog Shares; some blogs I like and others that have what I think are great names.

Sounds like the makings of a special edition of A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere...

The Blogs I Like

{Not presented in order of preference; or with any sense of order}

The Burgh Blog
The Twenty Questions
Champaign Taste
Overheard Lines
Goddess In The City
Hunting For The Navel
Stolen Moments
Success Begins Today
FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog
Ornery Woman
Musings Of A Chick
Radical Leadership
American Legends
F-Secure: News From The Lab
A Storied Career
Expressions Of Love
Goddesses And Tarts!
Maryanne's Blog: Powdering Our Noses
Suburban Goddesses
Adopt A Microbe
Making A Long Story Longer
Pirates Rock My World
Political Sherpa
The Perimeter Of Poetry And Words
The Lives And Times... of Anthony McCune
Politics, War And Beer: Great Combination
Practical Leadership
Prayer Requests
Pros & Cons
Smart Lemming
Just A Few Of My Days...
Tales From The Emergency Room And Beyond
The Common Good
The Ravin' Picture Maven
The Conservative Caveman
The Girl In The Hat

Blogs With Names I Like

{Yes, in case you're wondering, I did buy some of these specifically because of the names}

--(-)->The Time You Enjoy Wasting Is Not Wasted Time
--(-)->Serenity Quest
--(-)->There's Too Much Blood In My Caffeine System!
--(-)->The Endless Infinity
--(-)->Stained Glass Wings
--(-)->Ten Strings Attached
--(-)->The Leader's Guide To Storyelling
--(-)->So Sublime When The Stars Are Aligned
--(-)->Admiral Quixote's Roundtable
--(-)->Careless Whispers
--(-)->Fleeting Moments
--(-)->Real Life Fairytale
--(-)->In Alice's Wonderland
--(-)->Life Behind The Mirror
--(-)->My Dreams Are Lighted By A Flame In The Dark
--(-)->If You Had No Bones In Your Hand How'd You Pick Up The Asprin
--(-)->Oz Politics
--(-)->Mother Of All Blogs
--(-)->If I Were A Fish I'd Be A Sea Bass
--(-)->The Psychic Wall of Energy
--(-)->Urban Wilderness
--(-)->Deliciously Delectable Delinquent Misadventures
--(-)->It Must Be Something In The Water
--(-)->Never Knowingly Underdressed
--(-)->Psychic Warfare Department
--(-)->A Brain Like Mine: Diary of a Feminist Housewife
--(-)->Breakfast In Bed
--(-)->Chicago Zen Center Quarterly
--(-)->Dog Bites Or Paper Cuts
--(-)->Ask Doctor Science!
--(-)->Democratic Goddesses of America
--(-)->Here Comes A Storm In The Form Of A Girl
--(-)->An Eye For Redemption
--(-)->Boston Red Thoughts
--(-)->Imperfect Identity
--(-)->Journalistic Musings
--(-)->Kat's Paws
--(-)->Overheard In Pittsburgh
--(-)->Quotable Life
--(-)->Sex And The Ivy
--(-)->The Cat's Meow
--(-)->Urban Elephants
--(-)->The Moment Seems So Long ~ We'll Dance Into This Song
--(-)->Zen And The Art Of Rock And Roll
--(-)->Ramblings Of A Subconscious Mind


honkeie said...

I would love to just start blogs just for the sake of naming them. My first would be : Narcisisism $ Peanut Butter
And the next would be:
'The Neutered Phalic Symbol'

Anonymous said...

Honkele 2...those are good names! My favorite is the second one.

Kilroy - I'm glad you enjoy my blog - please come back any time!

Kilroy_60 said...
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Anonymous said...

My hats off to folks who can be so creative! Interesting list of unusual names, to be sure.

Steve said...

That's me! Thanks.