Monday, January 15, 2007

New In The News

It's bad enough being a news junkie. Now Pay Per Post has turned me onto something where I can mainline the stuff!

Yes, I'm afraid to say with Newscribe I'm not going to be able to avoid feeding the hunger to know the newest news!

Something that gets under my skin is when you're researching a story, you find what looks like a perfect webpage, go to the site and find that you must be a member in order to access the information. What chickenshit that is! The folks at Newscribe, I loved this is their Pay Per Post listing, believe that information should be free.

The intriguing thing about this site is a wrinkle where information comes to you through a peer recommendation system. That's something about the way Google does business that has given me mixed feelings, you are monitored...but the results generated are in line with your interests. That, though, is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.

Back to Newscribe, fresh news is gathered in real-time from multiple sources. That eliminates the need to surf from this site to that one to that one to get your news fix. You can get your news updates as well as opinions, by going to a one-stop shop.

It sounds like the newsstand where I spent hours when I was a kid reading magazines while my mother was dragging my dad from store to store shopping. I read more magazines while I was at the newsstand than I ever bought. But I was a regular customer, and affable enough I suppose, that it was never a problem. Again, material to be explored further at another time.

I can feel myself coming closer and closer to the edge, ready to dive head first into this one. Newscribe is building a "community of citizen journalists". They provide a platform that allows for mediation of quality news analysis. Subscribers are able to contribute to a recommendation system that gathers news based on the news consumption habits of individual users. Again, the phrases news junkie - mine - consumption habits - their's - and use of the word "users" feed the a certain perception. One that unfortunately seems to play out all to well with me.

The Pay Per Post listing for this sponsored post notes that Newscribe provides an increasd sense of timeliness in accessing breaking news. It reminds me of the story of LBJ crawling inside the UPI teletype to read the news as soon as he could literally get his hands on it...before it would feed to the top and come out of the machine!

Newscribe will provide an ongoing stream of unbiased, quality news articles from multiple news streams. I'm starting to get sweaty just thinking about it!

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honkeie said...

I try not to analys the news too much. I figure there is enough 'anal' and bullshit in already.