Saturday, January 06, 2007

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Looking for a nifty new feature for your Google toolbar? Grouptivity is the latest and greatest tool to connect, collaborate and socialize!

In short Grouptivity is categorized as a social collaboration service. The success of this service is based on it's simplicity; it's much easier to use than previous web collaboration services. In fact, it is said to rival email in ease of use. Quite a selling point considering email is the most popular web feature.

This is the type of tool born for people like BigChiefTwoFaces at WeBeGreat Corporation. His primary mode of communication with his staff is email. He of "don't show me the pain, I only want to see the baby" sends one email after another between a half dozen people drilling deep into the details of one project after another. Needless to say, email in such a situation falls flat in terms of collaboration. I haven't been able to turn on the light bulb for him to see the amount of time people spend reviewing an email string which has been added on to again and again by multiple people

You can be sure WeBeGreat will be hearing about Grouptivity.

What makes Grouptivity even more interesting is the social aspect. People can create "their own space" to share. The menu of activities you can do, in terms of social activity is amazing. When you land on the web page, click the Learn More button.

One last thing, the company loves feedback. Since this product is in Beta, you can help make it even better!

Post sponsored by: Grouptivity.

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