Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Post Sponsored by Maine Vacation Rentals

Vacation. It's a magical word. I can do with some magic about now.

I'm not sure what more I could have asked for when I checked out the Pay Per Post listings than - they are sponsoring this post.

I took a break from work earlier and spent some time in front of the fireplace with TheReadhead. We talked about how nice it would be to escape to a mountain cabin. When I saw the listing for Maine vacation rentals I couldn't imagine a better subject for blogging. You'll have to excuse me while my mind escapes as I write this.

The great things about is it provides great bang for the vacation buck! You hook up directly with people renting their homes instead of dealing with hotel chains that have a boatload of expenses to cover.

The website is loaded with opportunities to get away from the grind. They have a featured listing in Maine titled Peaceful Lakeside Cottage on Lovejoy Pond.

This particular listing is for a cottage with three bedrooms. The weekly rate is only $850! It's 90 minutes from the airport in Portland, Maine. It's available to rent from the end of May to the end of October.

The website enables you to check the availability of the property as well as to contact the owner directly.

Each listing on the website gives you a detailed description of the property, tells you about what appliances are included and lists what activities are available - including whether they are on site or how far of a drive it is to reach them.

What captured my attention, about Peaceful Lakeside Cottage on Lovejoy Pond is the narrative.

They describe rolling hills and farms. There's a town nearby - Unity - that has a weekend farmers market.

It only gets better, both Albion - where the cottage is located - and Unity have ice cream stands! And Albion is only 15 minutes from a historic inland town - Waterville - and 20 minutes from the coastal town of Belfast.

For a photographer this sounds like heaven. There are harbors and mountains. Depending on your taste there are also shops, restaurants, antiquing and what is described in the listing as a "thriving arts scene".

I have to give this some more thought. Reading this listing, I think TheRedhead and I might actually get out of the cottage!!

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