Monday, January 29, 2007

My Page Rank Is In! I'm Somebody!! I'm Really Somebody!!! 8-)

I'm not sure if there's anything less understood and at the same time more over-rated when it comes to the web than Page Rank.

There are, though, people who hold it to be very important. Some rave about their Page Rank or their Technocrati rating as though it validates their being. I find it funny.

In any case, one group who is very interested in Page Rank is advertisers. It so happens that some ad listings from Pay Per Post require a certain level of Page Rank. {If you have it, check out the Affiliate Program in the sidebar an start blogging for cash} Pay Per Post, in turn, provides a tool for bloggers to determine their Page Rank.

So, this morning I checked the rating for The Gonzo Papers. I've grown accustomed to having no Page Rank. Recently, you may notice, we have done some SEO work on the site and have been doing more work in terms of building traffic. As it turns out...

My new Page Rank Is In! I'm Somebody!! I'm Really Somebody!!!

My new Page Rank is...


Rosemary said...

Congratulations! You have worked hard for it.

jinx protocol said...

Congratulations, sir! You have one of the most interesting blogs I read!