Thursday, January 18, 2007

Update On Kilroy's Blog Shares Stock Trading

It seems like a good time to give you an update on how I'm doing in the Blog Shares game. The news is mixed. The positive news, though, is great and the negative news is only bad. If real life played out like that I would have no complaint.

So, let's see. The bad news first. I screwed the pooch with my stock in the Gonzo Papers. Also, I tried something new, voting to classify the categories that apply to a stock - again The Gonzo Papers - and I was really not good at it. More on that later.

Somehow this seems funny to me writing about my fantasy stock market action after just posting about online poker. The fact I'm smoking and drinking while I'm writing makes it all the funnier. 8-D

So with the voting, that's where you score Karma points. My Karmas went from +7 to -24! I have to work on that; you can't score big with bad Karma.

As For The Gonzo Papers, I can't even begin to explain what went wrong. And what went wrong after that. Then how the attempted remedies turned out to cause more problems. Something bad happened. And then there was another error made. Followed by a fix that basically involves killing the patient to save it. Get the picture?

As things have worked out, the stock is going back up in value in the hands of trusted allies.

Meanwhile, the original Fear And Loathing In The Blogosphere is in my portfolio; I'm doing better with that one. My main stock, though, is The Good The Bad And The Ugly {What I Found In The Blogosphere}

I'm still a member of the Robber Barons Corporation; that's going very well. Although I really need to learn more of the intricacies of the game to make a greater contribution. And I joined with Diamond Dan to set up a new corp, A Strategic Alliance Corporation. That's growing. Some of the people from Robber Barons are helping us along; generous in their support.

My current standing in the game and the details of my portfolio...

I'm ranked 543rd in the game; my growth in net worth this month has grown over 30%!

My cash balance is B$3,648,600,743.37 and I have a total portfolio of B$254,108,498.61 in 419 blogs. My investment is the two corporations is B$23,074,477,355.84.

All told, my total worth is B$26,977,226,003.94. Oh yes, life is good in the virtual world's fantasy stock market.

For those of you with whom I have link exchanges, your stock should be doing better. I have been buying those stocks and doing much better with them than mine.


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