Friday, January 19, 2007

Interested In Hosting The Third Gonzo Blog Carnival?

I'm talking to people about working with me on the third event in the Gonzo! Blog Carnival Series.

Next Friday we're doing the Family Carnival hosted by Dirty Butter at Blog Village.

Following that, in a week to 10 days most likely, we will be having a Photography carnival. It just so happens that the A Photographer's Eye blog will be ripe for promotion.

Entries for this one are going to be as simple as possible; a post that includes a photograph you shot. If the blogger chooses a post that includes text that will be fine. It won't be required.

As a preview, I'm selected some photographs of the moon I shout recently. I was out shooting a sunset; these shots of the moon were unexpected. It was a great bonus! I was pleased with the results.

Photographs by Kilroy_60


Anonymous said...

beautiful photos, Kilroy...I could drown in the colours of the last one!

Anonymous said...

yo Kilroy,
A link exchange sounds good to me, in fact I've already added you! Thanks for the comment at the village.

Naomi said...

Great photos Kilroy. I got a new camera for Xmas but still learning how to use it at the moment. The Photography Carnival sounds like a good idea.