Monday, January 29, 2007

What Have You Learned TODAY?

I have written a number of times about the importance of education. It's one of the primary reasons I blog; to learn as well as to teach. So, what have you learned today?

I think I love possibility best sums up my attitude about education. If you've spent any time reading here, I'm sure you have long had that perception.

Landmark Education offers both products and services - including landmark seminars - to facilitate learning.

An especially interesting resource is

One of the ways I judge any website involved in selling something is how the company uses it to sale. That's what makes Landmark Education especially impressive to me. When you check out the website you'll see they make it very easy to find information and provide comprehensive information.

You now should be one up in terms of learning.

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Kilroy_60 said...

I received a comment questioning and complaining about this post.

The comment came from "The Truth". Interestingly, "The Truth" does not have a profile that can be accessed. And the comment came through Blogger No-Reply instead of from an email.

If people have issues with any of the Pay Per Post posts, they should make themselves known. A person who complains should be able to be evaluated as well as whatever they are questioning or complaining about.

There was a request on a blog I was looking at asking people to stop doing comment moderation. I recently posted about this.

It's interesting when people send email, but will not comment. Since that's their choice I don't publish the emails. There are also people who comment anonymously saying things that do not warrant publication. I refuse to give those cowards a forum in this blog.