Thursday, February 15, 2007

Earn Pay Per Post Cash WITHOUT Writing Ads!

If you scroll down a few posts you'll find something new in this blog...

This little button enables you to earn money blogging, without writing Pay Per Post ads!

This program is open to all bloggers. Add this badge to your posts; you will earn money and build traffic with no additional effort.

When you click you are provided a writing opportunity that pays $7.50. What do you have to do? You would write a post in your blog about the post where you clicked the button.

When you post about a post you earn money, you add fresh content to your site and you help the person whose blog post you're reviewing since they gain a link.

This is the newest feature introduced by Pay Per Post that provides opportunities to generate revenue through your blogs with little to no effort.

When you click
you will be taken to a Pay Per Post sign up screen. You can sign up as a blogger, where you write ads, or as an affiliate, where there's nothing for you to do other than post this same button in your posts.

I have been writing Pay Per Post ads since my one year blogiversary at the end of November. It's worked out well for me.

Given the relationship I've developed with Pay Per Post, I would say if you have reservations about writing ads this program is perfect for you. It's a quality company where the people treat you right.

If you click
now and write about this post you will earn $7.50.

1 comment:

James Shott said...

On Thu, Dec.28, you posted this note at Blog Village: "My observation is I'd like to look into link exchangability."

I apologize for taking so long to respond, but I hadn't checked Blog Village for a while.

If you are still interested, let me know.