Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's IMPORTANT in life? Some peoples' answer is amazing to me.

Time away with TheSpecialOne has been especially delicious. It's also lasted much longer than I had expected it would.

I'm not sure what affect TheRedhead has had. TheSpecialOne has certainly made a point of letting her feelings be known. I believe unbridled passion would be an accurate characterization. Although she has at times been tied up. 8-)

I've left her sleeping for the moment. I'm going to publish this post - the first of two - which originally appeared on February 4th. I will likely run the other tomorrow. I will be leaving Blog Shares behind in a cloud of dust with a hearty High Ho, Silver! But, I had to share these last few items.

This is the original post:

After an extended morning romp with TheSpecialOne, I had to have a peek at what is going on with the "proceedings" regarding my Blog Shares "reprimand".

My life has truly been less meaningful since I've not had the right to vote on which "industries" apply to various blogs in the game. It is, leave no doubt, an issue of high importance. {See my previous post}

If you have any doubt as to how serious this is, check out the response posted in the forum by the ever so important person - Nexy - that brought the charge:

This is not nonsense. No one said you cheated. You made more than a few errors. Your decision will be made and posted in this thead, not by email.In the meantime, you are welcome to join us in #bsec on IRC if you have questions about anything.

The person who posted this is not only the one who brought the "charge", but one of the ones on the board who decided "the case". Isn't that convenient? {Those terms make this sound so much more "official" and "real", don't they??}

I've been losing sleep since this all came up. ;-) A source of inspiration and pleasure for TheSpecialOne; who has been the real reason for my losing sleep.

But, back to the very weighty issue at hand. There was this from another of those on the board...looking at my behavior...weighing my guilt or innocence...determining my punishment.

I'm writing this with a straight face; honest to God. {OK! So that was a lie.}

One of those decided the case posted THIS in the forum; made so very much more powerful by the use of a quote directly from "the accused".

Am I guity of ANYTHING? Hell no. I say that with no respect whatsoever. This is ridiculous.Based on the above comment, Kilroy_60 has pleaded Not Guilty, as such, the BSEC shall deliberate and vote on the matter.

Here's a good one; so you understand just how serious this is. Someone went back to review more of my votes and determined there were two more times when I voted incorrectly. {Still straight faced}

And here is my latest response in the Blog Shares Forum to what's going on:

Nexy, Yes, chief, it is nonsense. If you think this charge you have brought forth means anything I'd suggest you contact Shaper Image and see if you can order a life.

This is a game; I've been playing along. If you have any thought in your mind this has any importance when it comes to the person in this chair you are sadly mistaken. If I get to continue playing that's great. It's been fun; I'll continue. If you, the so called powers that be, say I can't... Let me see if I could care any less? I would have to say, no.

Is that clear enough for you Nexy?

OK, nobody said I cheated. I made a few mistakes in voting. NFD; I made mistakes in voting. The humor of this to me is someone is bothering to go back, review my notes and find more evidence. I voted wrong innumerable times, because I've been trying to learn to vote. Are you kidding me here? You need to find evidence that I voted wrong sometimes?

Did I PLEAD Rob? No, I didn't plead. I made a statement of my position. Do you want to know if I am guilty of anything? NO, I'm not GUILTY of ANYTHING. Do you want to know if I voted the wrong industries for some stocks? YES, I voted wrong sometimes.

So, I take it now we all understand. You don't need to look for any more evidence. I voted wrong on some stocks.

This is a gravely important issue to you, I understand, and the fact you can notify me my voting rights have been suspended via email does not equate to your ability to let me know your decision by email. I will surely be back to see.

I've met some nice people in this game. I've tried to help anyone as much and more than they've helped me. I've tried to do right by the game. You people, though, think far too much of yourselves if you have any belief that this actually means anything. To me it's a passtime that I use to escape work. If I don't have this passtime I'll get another one.

Do you have any other questions about my feelings on this matter?

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Samsara said...

A few days ago I entered a friends blog into the system. I bought up all the shares and then voted it into industries. The blog was multi-topical and so voted in several industries surrounding holistic/therapy/spiritual/healing and so forth.

Next day I get a system email: "Your shares have been sold off. You made $xxx. The blog has been delisted from the system. This will not be recorded as a transaction."

WTF? I msg'd Island Dave cause I like him lots and he's in my Corporation...Heh... But I expressed concern over BSEC charges on me for voting.

I mean really. If a blog YOU submit and then buy all shares in and then categorize gets delisted - OH SHIT?

Turns out...the blog simply didn't have dated entries on the front page. He'd offered to bring it back but said it may get delisted again for it. I hadn't noticed.

Anyway...the point is: We all make honorable mistakes and it's no big deal - not in real life or Blog$hares life. I don't think we need punishment for *human errors.* Would it be the worst thing in the world if B$ ratified the voting/punishment process to allow for mistakes?

PS. Thanks for your comments @ my blog. I linked you @