Friday, February 09, 2007

It appears I've been found GUILTY by the Blog Shares Powers That be 8-(

Here you have what will have to be the last post about the case brought against me by the Blog Shares Exchange Commission.

I didn't get an opportunity to copy/paste their final "pronouncement" post in the forum from the game's self proclaimed "big dog". Yes, that's how he refers to himself. Clearly it appears his position in this game is one of the great accomplishments in his life. See my previous post referring to a prick and a coward.

I posted in the Blog Shares Forum on the newest case that came up re: improper voting, commenting how the person should bow to the power of the board. That is the behavior to which they are accustomed. To act otherwise surely will draw harsh punishment.

I can't log into the game. Have you noticed I suggested booting me out of the game in my first response and every time thereafter? I can't believe they did it; oh, woe is me. How could I have been so stupid to challenge people of such power in an endeavor that has meant so much in my
little life?!?

More on my current "status" in the game soon. That's good for one more post. 8-D For now, though, my second February 4th post as it appeared.

I will, of course, now go screw the living hell out of TheSpecialOne to celebrate this post; the story of how I got screwed. She has so enjoyed this. We have laughed so much; she finds petty little people with illusions of grandeur to be quite entertaining. The more we laugh the hornier she gets. I do so wish I'd have been able to stretch this out longer. 8-)

For your entertainment, here's the Blog Shares forum post from February 4th:

Re: [BSEC CASE 307] Kilroy_60
« Reply #9 on: Today at 04:44:48 pm »

First, let me say I think this is hilarious that you all take this so seriously. It's even funnier that you expect me to take it serously.

It's a sad statement about your lives if you believe this game has any real meaning.I've enjoyed playing your little game. I'm happy to continue. It doesn't matter to me if I don't.

If you think this game is important, if you feel that you are going to penalize me in what you feel is some meaningful way, get your rocks off and kick me out. Somehow, I can only imagine you masturbating at the thought of having power over other people. Let me clue you in, you have no power over me because I don't care.

Now that we have that clarified, let me address your individual responses:

To Jim Wright who wrote, "Based on the player's attitude here, what I'd much rather suggest is a perm ban on voting, since this player doesn't seem to be showing any willingness to understand proper voting."

You self important jackass. If you want to look at a person who has an attitude problem look in the mirror. I have willingness to understand proper voting. What I have absolutely no willingness to do is to believe that this has any meaning in the world.

YOU feel this is serious. I think it's a big joke. Further, I think based on your response that you're a joke. Just so we're both clear in regard to my ATTITUDE.

Just one last thing, how about if we clarify this. I won't be doing any type of community service. Nor will I be voting whether you BAN ME or not. Take my chips, take my money. Again, as previously referenced, let me see if I can care any less?
That would be, no. I couldn't care any less.

If I can continue playing I will. If you want to tell me I can't play anymore it will break my virtual heart, but I'll have to accept your decision and not return. Are we clear on those points, Jim?

To Nexy who wrote, "Kilroy, I'm not sure of your intent here."

My point is to express my thoughts. Has that not been clear since my first posted response? What part of this are you missing?

You feel this is important, sadly that you truly think it's meaningful. I find it to be laughable that you expect me to feel there is any value to this game. Worse yet, you expect me to respond to this "proceeding" as though it means anything.

"You initially respond in this thread in a negative manner," he continued. "I replied to your statements and questions in a neutral yet direct manner. I offered you assistance in #bsec and you later continued the insults. The insults are not necessary."

I responded to this thread, Nexy, to say that I think this is a joke. I think it's becoming more of a joke every time one of you posts as though this is something real. IT'S A COMPUTER GAME.

I hate to burst your bubble; you're not doing anything meaningful beyond providing people with a way to waste time, I've chosen to waste my time on your game. I've even chosen to waste my time participating in this "proceeding". Why, I'm trying to slap some sense into your vitual mind to attempt to bring you back to reality.

Voting is not an important part of the game to me, Nexy. It's a pain in the ass. I tried to learn it because I felt that havin blogs voted on would make it possible for other people to benefit from their being categories associated with the industries. I have no problem - if I continue playing - to not vote.

Do you have any questions remaining about what I think or how I feel either about the game or about you?

To Midoribe, I saved you for last because this is the absolute biggest joke of all.

You say, "Kilroy, this case is real and it does have meaning; so does the index. They must both be taken seriously, something which you do not seem to understand."

Let me try to say this one more time since you have apparently had your head up your ass. This is not REAL. It's a game; it's pretend; it's meaningless. It has ABOLUTELY NO MEANING.

You use a reference for dollars in this game, B$, because it's all BULLSHIT. Have you lost touch with REALITY enough to actually BELIEVE this is REAL? Give me a freakin' break.

I hold the INDEX to be one of the most important things in my life. I would do nothing to diminish the integrity of the index. Please don't think I would.

I have done nothing in any way to harm your game or any aspect of it.I cast a few votes - or a hundred votes - that were inaccurate. I didn't ever do it purposefully.

YOU feel this is REAL - it's not - YOU feel this is IMPORTANT - it's not - YOU feel this "proceeding" is something that should be taken SERIOUSLY - I don't.

Hopefully, now, my position, my thoughts and my position are clear to all of you. I will continue to play if you don't kick me out. I have no control over whether you take my chips. I have no control over whether you take my B$, Bullshit Pretend Dollars. I will not perform any "community service". Nor will I ever cast another vote, because it is my choice.

So, we are in my eyes finished here. You dish out your little penalty. Enjoy yourself in the POWER you feel you have. I'll play along or I won't.


I'll post this now in my blog:

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bulletholes said...

Roy, you have everything going here but dangling Chads... it has truly gone Gonzo and I can't help but think Mr. Thompson himself would have it any other way. Truly "Fear and Loathing on the Ethernet"... they have been sniffing too much computer dust that has damaged their Chromosomes.
Come back to us Roy, we the small, the insignificant , that post for our pure pleasure!