Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Verizon Sponsored Post

"Can you hear me now?"
; an ad campaign that put Verizon on the map among cellular service providers.

Yes, Verizon has established a track record for having one of the best wireless networks in the United States. How has the company done it? It's a no brainer; the answer comes flowing off the tongue with no effort.

"It's the network."

While Verizon is well known for in unlimited calling and texting, the Worry Free Guarantee is, to me, what makes the company really stand out.

Any discussion about cellular telephones and service providers on the internet leads to one place.

When you bring Verizon and WIREFLY together what do you get? Hot deals on cool phones!

Verizon phones are ripe for the picking now with the LG Mint Green Chocolate. Sign up for Verizon service now and you get one of the sweetest phones on the market for free.

With all the competition among cellular service providers you normally find a string or two attached when such a deal is offered. What makes this great is that there is no rebate required from WIREFLY or VERIZON; the phone is truly free!

This is a trendy new phone that is extremely popular; pick one up today!

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