Saturday, March 03, 2007

Don't Miss The Gonzo Carnival Extravaganza!!

While I've been off on my annual birthday bash James Jordan at Points of Light and Sara at Poets Who Blog teamed up for the Gonzo Carnival Extravaganza!

There were 24 poets who posted in the Gonzo Poetry Slam. Plus me!! Aside from my rhyme it was a gathering of amazing people doing wonderous work.

The Gonzo Photography Carnival attracted 18 photographers! The images shared are truly amazing.

Get around and check out the carnival posts. Afterall, there are only 42 to surf through. 8-) Let them know you are visiting from the carnivals. Your support would be apprecaited.

I'd like to thank Sara and James for the great job they did on the Gonzo Carnival Extravaganza! And a shout out to James for the banners; you're a champion.


CaptainGonzoWriter said...

You scurvy shyster bastard.

I'm glad Thompson's word are not dead in this country.

Good God, how didn't we run into each other sooner?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Wow1 You are all over the place... and who said men could not multi-task?!
I am on my way to work, but will come back in the wee hours tonight to check out the poetry and photographs!

P&L to you!

Mother of Invention said...

Cool happenings as usual but I never seem to join in them! Some day...I have lots of poety. Keep checkin' your other site but I'm thinking it's hard to keep up with 2. I can barely do one!

jinx protocol said...

I want to join in but have no idea. This page has so much going on, I get panicky just looking at it.