Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hitting The Carnival Circuit

The Gonzo Papers is hitting the carnival circuit...

March 16
hosted by Principled Discovery

March 19 - A Pay Per Post Postie Carnival!
hosted by Simple Kind of Life

March 20
hosted by Blog About Your Blog

March 20
hosted by Mental Health Source

March 23
hosted by The Engaging Brand

March 26
hosted by Cultivate GREATNESS

March 30
hosted by Infinitely CRAZY

Why didn't I list what the carnivals are? That would spoil the fun for you. What kinds of carnivals do you think I would post in? Go and explore!


Matthew said...

thank you, hope you enjoy Blog about your Blog's carnival

Anonymous said...

Hi Kilroy:

Thanks for listing my carnival in your carnival of carnivals... (now let's say that 10 times really fast).


Unknown said...

Hi! Thanks a ton for posting about the Carnival of Craziness! Hope u enjoyed it!