Thursday, March 29, 2007

Posting Pay Per Post Posts

Pay Per Post continues rolling out new features; and tweaking what's already in place.

Earlier this year a segmentation feature was added; this enabled advertisers to narrow the scope of blogs who could post on their listings. That's been tweaked a bit to help both advertisers and bloggers find listings that are mutually beneficial

The new and improved Pay Per Post enables you to designate a primary category related to listings you'll qualify for. I chose Entertainment. Approaching blogging in the spirit of The Good Doctor, nothing seems like it could be more appropriate.

There was a laundry list of secondary categories from which you could choose. I went with

-------(-)---> Politics/Society/Government
-------(-)---> Travel, Destinations
-------(-)---> Shopping/Product Reviews

The megaposting experiment - as Pay Per Post goes Gonzo! - has been interesting. Soon I'll be writing my 100th sponsored post.

There are some questions about whether blogging for cash is ethical; does it take away from what blogging is supposed to be. This argument is clearly lost on me. This, for me, is a creative outlet. Any thought that writing spots for advertisers does not require creativity not only misses the mark it doesn't even come close to the target.

Decades ago merchandising became an integral part of promoting movies. It's become common that television networks and programs are selling something featuring their logos or characters. Even NEWS programs are selling branded merchandise. REAL NEWS shows, not The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Surf the Blogosphere and it's common to find some type of ad or something you can buy listed in the site. Beyond that ads are plentify. The clamoring against Pay Per Post ads is ridiculous.

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