Thursday, April 26, 2007

How Many People Are Looking Up "Green Acres" On Wikipedia?

Have you ever seen one of those television shows or movies where someone who wants to buy something is sure they can get a better deal if they bargain. It's the person they are buying from, though, that is gifted both in bargaining and fast talk.

So, as things evolve the person selling offers the price, the person buying offers less. Round and round they go...until...the person selling says a lower number and the person buying says a higher number. That's a deal!, the seller says.

If I were to admit I ever watched Green Acres I'd know Mr. Haney pulled this on Oliver Wendell Douglas time and time again. Fortunately, I have never seen that show.

That' sort of the way things work, for real though, when you bid4prizes! Yes, that's right. At this auction site it's the low bid that wins!!

Sounds like the United States Mint is going to finally have something to do with all those pennies they're rolling off the assembly line at a cost of almost a nickel apiece!

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bulletholes said...

I used to go to this run down coutry western bar where a friend played...there wa s a woman there that would get drunk, real drunk, and they would call her up, every Sunday night about 12:00 to sing the womans part in the Green Acres song and it was a real crowd pleaser.
It was a rough place .