Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Master Baiter

I've never had any luck with therapists.

My work with YouDoItOurWay Behavioral Healthcare has only strengthened the negative feelings I have for people in the mental health field. Based on their reaction I can't understand why they ever called in a consultant in the first place; or why I'm still there!

It's all so much bullshit.

Both psychiatry and therapy, more more less, is guesswork, trial and error and, I believe, what equates to smoke and mirrors. Opinions and perceptions from the pros are considered facts when they appear in a chart. And, there's no evaluation from the clients related to the performance of the treatment providers that carries any weight. It's a totally one-sided process. The chart tells the tale; if the client doesn't like it they can go to Hell.

Given my experience, perceptions and viewpoints it may seem unusual that I'm such close friends with The Master Baiter; that we have been friends for decades.

The big difference is that he was oriented toward recovery long before that approach was ever in the mainstream. Being both a doc and an attorney, which has gotten me out of more than a few jams, gives him a much different viewpoint on things than a traditional psychiatrist would have.

The Master Baiter isn't the first Doctor, or mental health professional, I've known to envibe. It's far more common than I think most people would want to know. He likes to say it's the fisherman that parties though; that makes me laugh.

We've put a lot of miles behind us. Let's see...what would mildly be referred to as "behaving badly", driving too fast, keeping one step ahead of the law. Partying the whole time like there's no tomorrow.

Thinking I'll have to make a call to set up a fishing trip. That means he fishes while I spin 'em and keep a cold one at the ready. Last time he had some kick ass hash oil to go with the BC Bud. And some high grade flake to get through the night. Ah yes, I do enjoy fishing. 8-)


Mother of Invention said...

At least your friend can represent himself if he has too good a time and steps over the line of the law!
He gets hit twice as hard with Jokes about lawyer bottom feeders and shrinks!

bulletholes said...

when the fish start biting., its good to put out another line. or if its slow. Either way.