Saturday, April 28, 2007

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About as close as we can come to controlling the weather is adding moisture to or taking it out of the air. I've had experience doing both. seems, after perusing the website, to be as much an authority on the subject of a basement dehumidifier as you are liable to find.

A times I have lived in places where the basements would have been musty without dehumidifiers. Having the right piece of equipment makes a big difference. If you have a wet basement, you definitely don't want to have less than you need!

And I've had indoor gardens {to be more specific, closet gardens} where we wanted to maximize the moisture level. I lived in one place that was rather odd, we wanted to inside of the closet to be tropical, lit about 18 hours a day, but we wanted the rest of the room to be mostly dry. In a case like that a small, portable unit would do just the trick.

Whatever your needs are, it's best to look at the recommended features each piece equipment has. That way you know you get the most bang for your buck.

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