Monday, April 30, 2007

A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere - The Latest And Greatest

It seems like an awfully long time since I've done one of my A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Blogosphere posts.

This is one of the things I've really enjoyed over the past year or so. I've met some great bloggers, helped get some new blogs rolling and developed some quality associations.

I'm starting this on April 30th. I'll have to work on this a little each day; in a week or two it will be done. It will be the latest and greatest'll have some great new blogs to check out.

As I have in the past I will be recommending blogs I like for one reason or another. They get linked. And, as in the past, they are all considered equal; I don't "rank". There will also be blogs that have names interesting enough to be listed, but not linked.

I'm working on setting up the next Gonzo Blog Carnival(s) as well. Not sure whether that will be one, another double feature or in the latest and greatest spirit a trifecta! If you are interested in hosting, or know someone who can pick up the ball and run with it, write a comment on this post. Or send an email; there's a link in my profile.

It's definitely worth catching a ride with...

-----(-)-> Rainy Day Wonderings
-----(-)-> T - Something About Everything
-----(-)-> Observing Hermann...
-----(-)-> Dr. Blogstein
-----(-)-> Ramblings of an Undisturbed Mind
-----(-)-> Monetize Your Blog
-----(-)-> Nancy's Photos
-----(-)-> Coffee House Studio
-----(-)-> Franco Seduction Blog
-----(-)-> Cattails: Adventures of A Very Bad Cat
-----(-)-> Life of Red
-----(-)-> Luna's Celtic Realm
-----(-)-> Who's Yo Mama?
-----(-)-> Blog~Blond
-----(-)-> BLOGTECH
-----(-)-> Relax.420 {A marijuana blog}
-----(-)-> Deep Dark Indelible Green
-----(-)-> Bold Contemplations
-----(-)-> All About Me - And Then Some
-----(-)-> PARLANCHEQ
-----(-)-> Walk The Earth
-----(-)-> Artist's Inspiration
-----(-)-> The Quinn's Awesome Journey
-----(-)-> Sightings And Ramblings
-----(-)-> Israel in Photos
-----(-)-> Whatever Blows My Skirt...
-----(-)-> The Surprise In My Cereal Box
-----(-)-> The Imaginary Diva
-----(-)-> Mattress Police - Antisocial Commentary
-----(-)-> Decadent Tranquility
-----(-)-> The Gadget Vault
-----(-)-> Serenity Quest
-----(-)-> Angie Brynner and Company
-----(-)-> Vilhelm Konnander's weblog
-----(-)-> NeoAlerts

That's it for this edition. Don't miss checking out the names that attracted my wondering eye.

And these names caught my eye...

-----(-)-> The Case of the Bulletproof Harpist
-----(-)-> Standing under the Sky
-----(-)-> Decadent Tranquility
-----(-)-> Adventures In The Stiletto Jungle
-----(-)-> TheLostGlobe
-----(-)-> Twice Upon A Time
-----(-)-> The Misconceptions Of Me
-----(-)-> Blogger's Lair
-----(-)-> Webby's World
-----(-)-> unsleepable
-----(-)-> Voices in My Mind
...great tagline on this one, "life tastes better with a splash of tequila"


Rain said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my site and taking the time to offer words of encouragement.

I would like to exchange links with you, thanks.

Indeterminacy said...

Hermann has been one of my regular reads since sometime last year. It's a great blog, especially if you live in Germany.

Nice of you to collect these links for us.

Annelisa said...

Hi Kilroy

I've just done the meme at Words that Flow

Dr. Blogstein said...

Thanks, man! I gotcha covered with a link exchange.

Its an honor being recognized her.

Starrlight said...

Blogstein rules! Good choice! I look forward to checking out the rest.

Beth said...

Thanks so much for adding my link! Great idea too! I'll be checking out the other blogs tonight- my "nightly" reading.

My heart runneth over... said...

Never to busy for a friend! Sorry I haven't been around though. Things have been somewhat hectic. All the best,

Anita said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I thoroughly enjoyed meandering through yours last night and I'm sure I'll be back from time to time.

Kuanyin said...

I've always loved the name Kilroy ever since I saw it scrawled all over weird places (you get around!), and Hunter Thompson--coooool dude! I'd be honored to link with ya, and I've never hosted a Gonzo festival...can you email me with instructions and details so I know more about hosting responsibilities! Mahalo for the links!

Luna said...

Hello again! Just popping back by to do a little reading before I work on my post.

Sláinte ~ Luna

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! It's nice to be noticed. I love your blog. Better living through chemicals- isn't that the truth! Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier- I was buried under homework.

I've added a link to "fear and loathing" on my blog. Thanks again for the recognition!

Walker said...

Hello Kilroy - Thanks for visiting my blog and liking it enough to merit a link! Robin

Angela said...

Hi! Angela from Bold Contemplations here. Thanks for stopping by and even more thanks for my site to your list -- what a great compliment!

Parlancheq said...

Thanks for the link. :) Now I shall have to get busy checking out the other sites you've mentioned.

EC said...

Thanks so much for including me in your list!! I appreciate it :)

Supercookie said...

Thank you very much for adding my blog! I really appreciate it!

Diesel said...

Yay for me! I'm great!

Rainbow Demon said...

Indeed, Kilroy... Thank you.
It is a great pleasure to make acquaintance.


chingkkay said...

hey m, thanks for dropping, maybe we can exchange links. i have added yours to my web.

Angie said...

Sorry i'm so late in saying thank you for including my blog. It's a brilliant idea!