Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And A New Season Begins...

I went to the golf course early this morning.

TheRedhead cooks a great breakfast; even on a clubhouse grill. I had a couple eggs over medium, hash browns, toast, a few Italian sausage links and...let's see, it was three Labatt Blues.

She asked if the boys were going to be joining me. I told her I was there to play with her...and that perhaps we could fit in a few holes of golf as well. It turns out SchemesALot was in last week sometime. She said he was about tripping over his tongue. Then, with a sly smile, TheReadhead told me she thought about making him beg before she sent him on his way. Yes, she was in rare form.

Funny, when I met her last year I never imagined her family owns the course. She doesn't seem to be the type to work in a snack bar because she likes it. One thing is certain, there's nothing near as tasty on the menu.

She had one of the beer girls come in to take care of the snack bar and we went out to play. It's been sunny and warm of late and spring has sprung in a big way. TheRedhead, of course, knows some spots that are both beautiful and private. Amazing the places on a course you never pay attention to when you're golfing.

At one point we stopped at the clubhouse; she had the beer girl make up a picnic lunch. We parked in a grove of pines and indulged. We had lunch as well.

I asked her when she was going to bring clubs when we go out to play. She said she'll think about it when I start shooting near par. I only practiced today...playing two balls. I was consistently inconsistent; although I did land most of the shots fairly close to each other from hole to hole.

With the distraction of TheRedhead it looks like we'll be playing other games for trying to keep them in the short grass...and us making a beeline for the trees. 8-)

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