Sunday, May 06, 2007

A Pay Per Post Spot for a Great Mother's Day Gift Website

This Pay Per Post requested website review is a bit different than some others. Time is quickly passing by until Mother's that makes sites like this extremely important.

When you first land on' website - featuring fruit baskets - it's a bit overwhelming.

A picture dominates the page, partitioned into six panes and incorporating what appears to be some sort of flash-based menu. It's a great picture, but it's BIG and incorporating the menu makes it a bit too much. That's unfortunate, because the pages to which you link through the menu are well done. One of them is Celebrate Mom. Another Divine Chocolate. A third, Fresh Baked.

It needs to be said here, has a GREAT selection of high quality products. And it's not just for Mother's Day. There's a menu on the left side of the page listing a number of holidays and occasions for which you can buy gifts.

The problem with this site is as much wonderful stuff as they have to offer, there are too, too, too many menus packed into this homepage. They would be much better off simplifying the site's default page. Likely removing some of the detail in terms of menu button and links and incorporating drop down menus would serve the company much better.

That said, the most important thing is that this is a website where I would buy gifts. It's worth the effort to navigate to be able to find exactly what you want. They may very well have it. When you consider what you have to deal with at the mall, just to park let alone walking from store to store, this is a breeze.

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Naomi said...

It's always so much easier now to buy things on the net. It certainly beats trawling round the shops and getting stuck in long queues! Everything on the photos looks so good too! It made me feel hungry just looking at them!