Friday, June 15, 2007

YOU Are Invited, To Post In The Next Gonzo Blog Carnivals!

This post will remain in the first position through 11:59 PM, June 15th
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To my old friends, I say Welcome! For those of you who are visiting for the first time, I'm pleased you stopped in to my little corner of the blogosphere. If you stumbled in accidentally or fell through some sort of rabbit hole, Surprise! 8-)

A recently scheduled a Gonzo Blog Carnival event didn't go off exactly as planned. So, we're giving it another go. Whether you visit me frequently, only once in a great while or if this is your first time I would appreciate your contribution to the cause.

A Very Bad Cat has been kind enough to take on hosting duties for our Relationships Carnival. Her blog is fairly new and it's off to a great start! I hope you'll support her. {Someone said this is a pussy with attitude; I don't know though who that could be}

The other carnival is being hosted at The Lives and Times.... The Meme carnival being hosted there had to be rescheduled as part of this event. Whether you love memes, have had little experience with them, or hate them {you still may have done one at one time} I hope you'll drop in a post for this carnival as well. Those of you who've already submitted can be sure your post will appear.

Courtesy of For Your Success {The carnival series host}, here's the carnival announcement...

Monday, June 18th

The Rules for this carnival:

---(-)-> One post per blog; however many blogs you have.
---(-)-> English only
---(-)-> No sexual or suggestive pictures, no profanity in blog titles.

Email your submissions to: in this format:
...Name as it will appear in the post
...Blog Title
...Blog URL
...Post Title
...Post URL

The Meme Carnival originally scheduled for May 21st was rescheduled as part of this double feature

If you always find yourself tagging someone or getting tagged yourself... Whether you've only been tagged once... Or if you've started a new meme... We've got a carnival for you!

A GONZO Meme Carnival
Hosted by: The Lives and Times...

The Rules for this one are simple.

---(-)-> You can submit one post per blog; however many blogs you have.
---(-)-> If you have more than one blog, you'll need to use a different meme from each one. No repeats.
---(-)-> Only English language posts will be accepted.

Pick out a meme you've posted and email it to: in the following format:

...Your name as you want it to appear in the post
...Where you are located
...The Title of your blog
...Your blog URL
...The Name of the post
...The URL of the post

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