Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Carnival of Cities Goes GONZO!

The newest Gonzo Blog Carnival is a joint venture with Jon at Home Turf Media.

Yes, the Carnival of Cities is going GONZO!
It will be here on Monday, October 15.

Guidelines for Submissions...
  • One entry per blog {blogs only}
  • Posts featuring any aspect of a city, town or region
  • No posts that are advertisements
Recent posts are preferred, according to the carnival guidelines. I'm open to consider posts regardless of when they were published. If there's a problem, I'll let you know.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday at 2 pm. As always, there's no need to wait for the deadline. I'm accepting submissions now!

---(-)-> Submit your post

---(-)-> If you're interested in hosting a future edition of the Carnival of Cities check out the homepage for details.

---(-)-> The Gonzo Carnival Series is sponsored by For Your Success.


Jay said...

i look forward to the carnival!
i have to mark my calendar!

ive posted a post on the carnival on my blog. please tell me if theres something wrong with it!

LJP said...

Hi Kilroy! Submitted my post today :-)