Monday, October 08, 2007

It Only Takes The Potential Of Gratuitous Sex...

I didn't get to post over the weekend. I got tied up with TheRedhead. Actually, she got tied up. But, that's a post for another time.

We originally talked about going to play a practice round Saturday morning. As it worked out we played around for two days. And got in some golf as well.

What a great blog surprise I had when I logged in last night!

There was a time that I rarely had anyone reading my blog. And a time when it was common to have 50+ visits and more than a handful of comments on any given day.

Until Sunday, though, there had never been more than 100 visitors to this blog in a single day.

Unquestionably, the key that opened that door was my submission to the CARNIVAL OF THE INSANITIES hosted by Dr. Sanity.

It was an interesting carnival; unlike any I'd ever participated in before. At least not that I remember. The post was structured as a narrative. There was no identification of any blog or any reference to a post title. (The link to my post referenced gratuitous sex, but I'm not sure why.)

The result...
I've posted in the Carnival of the Insanities before, but never had a response like this. I'll make a point of submitting to it again.

When you go to check out the carnival I'd appreciate you letting Dr. Sanity know you've come from The Gonzo Papers.

* Appended 11:58 pm *

There was carryover traffic today from the carnival. Check it out...

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