Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Gonzo Carnivals And More!

Sunday, at 11:59 p.m., is the deadline to submit a post for the next Gonzo Blog Carnival.. Authors Go GONZO!
Authors go GONZO! Carnival
The carnival is Monday, November 5

Janey Loree is working hard to put it together at her Twiglet, the Little Christmas Tree blog. {For details}

Your support of that carnival will be appreciated, and the next one!!

I'm hosting a FREE FOR ALL! Carnival
here on Tuesday, November 20.

Here's all you need to know; let's call these "the rules"...

---(-)-> You pick a post on any subject
---(-)-> You can submit one post for each of your blogs, however many you have
---(-)-> Only English language posts will be accepted
---(-)-> Entries are being accepted now; through noon, Nov. 19

Email your post to: in the following format
---(-)-> Your name as you want it to appear
---(-)-> Blog Name and URL
---(-)-> Post Title and URL

These are the other carnivals I'm posting in during November...

---(-)-> Anything Goes And General News Carnival, hosted by Anything Goes And General News
Appearing on November 4

---(-)-> Bloggers Mardi Gras, hosted by D Kai Wilson's Writing Blog
Appearing November 5
The Path You Seek Leads to WOODY CREEK, COLORADO

Carnival of Corporate Vigilance, hosted by Corporate Vigilance
Appearing on November 4
Ice Milk Dairy

---(-)-> Carnival of Observations on Life, hosted by Anja Merrett
Appearing November 11
"100" ...One From The Kilroy File

---(-)-> Carnival of Political Punditry, hosted by I'm A Pundit Too
Appearing November 4
Make America Purple

---(-)-> Carnival of The Insanities, hosted by Dr. Sanity
Appearing November 4
From The Department of Legal Affairs

---(-)-> Carnival of the Liberals, hosted by Pollyticks
Appearing November 7

---(-)-> Personal Development and Happiness Carnival, hosted by The Next 45 Years
Appearing November 4
Things I Think I Learned... from YouDoItOurWay

---(-)-> Postie Carnival, hosted by Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind
Appearing November 12
My Most Recent Sunset Safari

---(-)-> The Wordpreneur Carnival, hosted by
Appearing on November 3
Posting Pay Per Post Posts

That's it for now...

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Daisy Deadhead said...

Good lord, where do you find the time to do this, dude, or are you just super-organized!? ENVIOUS!

I'd love to be included in your Hitchhikers Guide!