Monday, November 12, 2007

Today Is A Day For Americans To Take A Stand.

I Stand AGAINST The War In Iraq.

Because this...

has NOTHING to do with this...

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney's War


Leanderthal, Lighthouse Keeper said...

A very powerful message. Thank you for it.

GrizzBabe said...

Well done!

Sheila said...

I agree.

crimsonflaw said...

I support my friend mike , amnesty international and the good doctor.

Brian Holland said...

You'll get no argument from me here. Pictures speak louder than words, indeed...

Anonymous said...

Pictures say a lot, but they don’t support your stand. Every Headstone is a reason to fight tyranny, everyone lost on 9/11 is a reason to fight for freedom, every roadside bomb that kills a civilian or soldier is a reason to press on.

You say you stand against the war, but would you stand up to the face of evil. That is what it is about. There comes a time when men must do what needs to be done. It is not evil to fight for what is good, right and just. Just ask the 1,000 Chaldeans that have moved to my city from Iraq to escape persecution.

The reason this war is not successful is that it has to be fought on civil terms. War is not a delicate operation. Have you seen pictures of Hiroshima? Brutal, but in the face of that, Japans leadership defied the US for 3 more days…50,000 more people would die in an instant before they got the point. Had Japan and Germany been left unchecked the world would be a deferent place.

You may stand against the war, but with out it, in time, you would surely bow down before having your head removed. Would you fight for your life then, or would you sit there and take it?

Kilroy_60 said...


It appears you are ill informed, misguided and in need of a reality check.

One thing I need to clarify for you, the pictures in this post are not meant to "support" my stand. They are meant to illustrate the damage George W. Bush is doing to America.

He is sacrificing American lives with no good reason and justifying it through lies.

All indications are that you have accepted his words as truth. Worse, you not only buy his bullshit you want to sell it to others.

The headstones in question, those in Section 60 that were the result of senseless killing in Iraq, have nothing to do with fighting tyranny.

George W. Bush doesn't have the balls to face down tyranny. Where it exists, he and his administration turn a blind eye.

What existed in Iraq before the occupation will exist when America leaves. It's was a tribal society and will be a tribal society. To think otherwise is delusional.

Your observation that "everyone lost on 9/11 is a reason to fight for freedom" isnonsense.

In truth, Americans are losing their freedom at home while at the same time nothing is being done to ensure a higher level of security.

As for every roadside bomb that kills a civilian or soldier being reason to press on...

I think those sort of comments, connecting 9/11 with roadside bombs in Iraq, warrant your genitals being wired to a car battery. Or, perhaps, a bit of water boarding would be in line.

There should not be, there should not have ever been, one American in Iraq to face a roadside bomb. If they want to blow themselves up that should be a game they're left to play.

America was taken into Iraq based on lies. We had no legitimate reason to go in and we have no legitimate reason to be there today.

Would I stand up in the face of evil, Eric? I have and would again. You can not begin to imagine and, I suspect, would not want to know.

America is not fighting for what is good, right and just. There is no cause America is fighting for.

Persecution is universal, Eric. Don't be a fool to think otherwise.

The reason this war is not successful is that it is not possible to be successful when you don't know the objective you are seeking to achieve.

America is in a weaker position militarily, financially and spiritually because of the war in Iraq.

Nothing positive has come from the war in Iraq and nothing will.

LJP said...

You are exactly right. This post talks about what I have been thinking for years.