Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Challenge of Pay Per Post

I've taken some heat in the past for running Pay Per Post spots. Some readers find it to be an intrusion.

When the distinction between a "normal" post and a paid spot is blurred, as in the following one, it becomes most troublesome. People can feel, for lack of a better word, betrayed to learn what they are reading is an advertisement.

The advertiser designated no reference to sponsorship in the post, only site-wide disclosure. Good for the advertiser; not necessarily for the writer or audience.

Where the problem arises for me is when there's an aspect of my life, again as in the following spot, that melds well with the content necessary in the text.

Most frustrating, I suppose, is that most people who blog are not writers. {They complain.} More difficult in that circumstance, I'm guessing, to understand why another person would want paid to do what you are doing for free.

Let's face it, regardless of the medium, there's an expectation to be paid when a writer writes. If not immediately, in the future. That's part of learning your craft.

When I was asked for help during todays A Strategic Alliance meeting I didn't hesitate to say yes, I would do Pay Per Post ads again. If I were in need, I would hope for the same. If it costs me readers, that's the price I pay to do what's Right.

If Dr. Gonzo had been a blogger, I suspect he'd have done Pay Per Post and not cared if there was objection.

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