Friday, February 29, 2008

Change The Way You Think To Change The Way You Feel

From a legal affairs standpoint, I think, the best thing about a worker's compensation action is that you can get quality representation for which you do not have to pay a fee unless you come out on the winning side.

My perception is, that is rather common.

KeyPointLegalServices, a UK firm, provides representation for Accident Compensation and state, in the company website, " If we don't win, it costs you nothing."

I have to say that what upsets me about worker's compensation claims is that it's almost universal for companies to do anything and everything to avoid, or get out of, paying, when, in cases where the company is clearly wrong and payment is due, the easiest path would be to pay and get it over with.

Ultimately, employing people to try and tie up claims before they ever get to court and paying attorneys to fight claims once they get to court may or may not be financially sound. When you spend a boatload of money, over and above what you would have to pay straight away, not only are you ending up on the losing side of the equation; you're causing bad blood with employees who see what's happening.

If it's possible to find a way for employer and employee to come together and handle a situation with mutual consideration worker's compensation claims would not be such a corrosive issue.

The chances of that optimum situation existing is, admittedly, next to impossible. Which is why it's very important to know a good attorney to represent you in any worker's compensation related claim.

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