Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If Dr. Gonzo Was Blogging Instead Of Writing Letters...?

Tomorrow is the two-year anniversary of Hunter S. Thompson's suicide. I wasn't surprised, honestly, to hear The Good Doctor has blown his brains out. It was nonetheless hard to hear.

I couldn't have picked up a better book to be reading now than Fear And Loathing In America - The Brutal Odyssey Of An Outlaw Journalist.

Thompson was a prolific letter writer. While the book provides only a small sampling, at 700+ pages you get an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see what his life was really like.

It would have been interesting, I think from reading the letters, to pull up a Dr. Gonzo blog and see what he had written while most people were sleeping.

I loved this letter, written to his dentist 8 February, 1968...

I'm here, but not for long --- leaving for New Hampshire and Nixon tomorrow, just got back from NY to find your bill and desperate search note. The idea of me sending anyone $277 in one shot is sheer madness --- unless the supplicant can prove great and urgent need --- but here's $100 to maintain good faith, etc. Don't worry about the rest; I'll get it to you, but don't forget to send periodic reminders. I doubt, quite frankly, that I'll be needing any further dental assistance; I just read today in the Underground Press that frequent inhalation of marijuana smoke prevents rot and heals cavities, in addition to making the teeth sparkle and the soul smile. I may have to try the stuff, but only under strict supervision. Keep this to yourself...


Check #286
$100---sent 2/8/68
1/3 payment

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