Friday, February 29, 2008

Merrill Lynch In Wikinvest

Wiki is defined as...
"A collaborative website whose content can be edited by anyone who has access to it."

The newest niche wiki site on the web is I've surfed through the site a bit, doing some research for a client. I think it's well done. The content is clean, clear and comprehensive. Amazing, I thought, for a free site.

Looking at research on Merrill Lynch, as an example answered a number of questions for me. My recommendation after reading this page was to set an appointment to discuss investment opportunities.

Stephen Colbert, you may know, is famous for, among other things, screwing with data in Wikipedia, twisting it for the sake of humor and wrecking any sense of creditability. From all indications, it looks like has some safeguards in place.

There are certain things that are the same as Wikipedia, a narrative {an especially good one in this case} leading into the page followed by well defined text categories is what stands out.

It's no surprise there's a chart tracing the price of the company' stock. What was interesting, to me, is analyses both from a bull point of view and a bear point of view.

There are, in fact, five charts and graphs on the Merrill Lynch page. That really helps convey the message, illustratinging details that are critical to know which could easily become too cumbersome to read in simple text.

My overall evaluation of Wikinvest is to say, This site delivers the goods!

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