Saturday, March 01, 2008

Barack Obama For President Of The United States

Tuesday, 4 March, voters go to the polls in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont. While not "super Tuesday", it could be the day that tells the tale for the Democrats.

It was once thought to be not much more than a formality whether Senator Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Party standard bearer. Those days are long forgotten.

Senator Barack Obama has won 11 contests in a row, including the Democrats Abroad vote. His message of hope and change is attracting huge crowds and a boatload of money. Most important, to me, is that I think it's a message he truly believes in and will deliver on.

If that messages carries the day on Tuesday I think it could well signal the end for Clinton's campaign.

I never bought into John Edwards talking about being from the working class and for the common people. His words, to me, were hollow. Obama, on the other hand, has worked for people who have not had an easy time of life; that when he could have taken much easier jobs for a whole lot more money.

To me there is not a better candidate than Obama to step in and clean up the mess George W. Bush has created. There is not a better candidate to bring together what I see as a fractured nation.

I encourage you to support Barack Obama in his run for President of the United States.

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